Monday, June 30, 2008

A Conversation on Leadership with Lisa Spence

Hi folks! The Tool Goddess here, reporting in from the 7th annual International ROV Competition being held at University of California-San Diego, and the Scrips Institution of Oceanography in San Diego California. I have had the opportunity to work with some really exceptional people. Here is an interview with someone I wish all of you could meet. Her name is Lisa Spence, and she is an engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center where she is currently working with the Constellation Program.

Care about your people

When you first hear words like these they seem like a list and the story is about someone you admire. Words offer a vision, and it is by doing an event like the International ROV Competition that skill sets like these become a part of who you are.


The Tool Goddess said...

I can't thank you enough!

A.J. said...

When a person has the drive, like this woman shows; I think it would be funny watching someone who tried to get in her way, of ANY completion...
I would add 2 more words, though. Tenacity and Humor, from all of those working with you. If any of you are going to give up after the first brick wall, passion or not... Just because you are a leader, doesn't mean you'll never do something that won't egg on a chuckle. You have to be able to laugh about things.
(if her hands were tied, could she still talk? just kidding!)
been like that awhile :)

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Anonymous said...

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